If you don’t know already, Aloha is all over hardware. When you’re looking to enhance your surfing with the best and most innovative products, we can sort you out.

Hardware is the one of the leading areas of improvement and innovation. We pride ourselves on knowing what’s available and stocking what’s best. If its out there we’ve tried it, if its good, we’ve got it.

  • Boardbags from singles thru to seven stackers, different lengths, widths and even wheels if you want them.
  • Fins, from plastic thu to fibre glass, whatever system you prefer. Its amazing how different a board performs by playing around with different shapes and sizes.
  • As for leg ropes, booties, sunblocks, surf hats, helmets, repair kits, and board racks, we have all the best ones.

If you live for your surf trips like the crew at Aloha, you’ll find everything you’ll ever need.