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Introducing the O'Neill Hyperfreak Fire 3/2mm Steamer Chest Zip Wetsuit in sleek black. This wetsuit takes our most successful suit and pushes the boundaries of performance, warmth, and sustainability to new heights. With its cutting-edge features and eco-friendly construction, the Hyperfreak Fire is designed to elevate your surfing experience.

The Hyperfreak Fire wetsuit is crafted with a combination of TB4 neoprene and TB4 Air Firewall technology. This innovative blend, coupled with the TB4X graphene-infused liner, enhances the wetsuit's warmth while maintaining its remarkably lightweight and stretchy nature. Prepare to experience the ultimate level of thermal insulation and flexibility with the Hyperfreak Fire.

In our commitment to sustainability, the Hyperfreak Fire incorporates recycled oyster shells, car tires, and plastics in its construction. By utilising these recycled materials, along with solvent-free lamination, dope-dyed yarn, and limestone neoprene, we take a giant step towards building a more sustainable future and protecting our precious oceans. Feel good about your choice to support eco-friendly practices while enjoying top-notch performance.

The Hyperfreak Fire features a minimal seam design, reducing bulk and improving overall comfort. This design allows for maximum flexibility and maneouverability, ensuring that nothing holds you back in the water. Embrace the freedom to perform at your best.

To provide a secure and comfortable fit, the wetsuit is equipped with a double seal collar. This feature enhances the wetsuit's performance by sealing out water and preventing flushing, keeping you comfortable and focused on your surf session.

The Hyperfreak Fire boasts fully taped seams utilising TB4X technology. These seams not only enhance durability but also prevent water penetration, ensuring you stay dry throughout your time in the water.

Choose the Hyperfreak Fire 3/2mm Steamer Chest Zip Wetsuit and experience the perfect balance of performance, warmth, and sustainability. With its advanced technologies and use of recycled and sustainable materials, this wetsuit sets a new standard for excellence in surfing gear. Gear up and ride the waves with confidence, knowing that you're making a positive impact on the environment.

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