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Enjoy the waves in style with the Sisstr Pescadora Cheeky Long Sleeve Spring Suit in a radiant Floral Pink pattern. This long-sleeved women's spring-suit from Sisstr combines practicality with a touch of understated elegance, providing a versatile solution for your spring and summer surfing needs.

Constructed from 1mm neoprene, the Pescadora Spring Suit ensures optimal warmth while maintaining a slim, lightweight profile. It's an ideal choice for those slightly chillier spring mornings or late summer sunset sessions, keeping you toasty without compromising on mobility or comfort.

A front zip adds to the overall convenience and ease of wear, allowing for quick changes. It's a user-friendly design that takes the stress out of getting in and out of your wetsuit.

But this spring-suit doesn't just keep you warm; it also offers exceptional sun protection. With long sleeves, your arms will be shielded from harmful UV rays, helping you to avoid sunburn and longer-term skin damage.

However, the Pescadora Cheeky Spring Suit isn't all about function - it's got style in abundance too. The Floral Pink design, with its vibrant and playful print, allows you to make a statement out on the water. Its feminine aesthetic complements the hardy practicality of the suit, making it a fashionable and functional choice for every woman in the water.

With the Sisstr Pescadora Cheeky Long Sleeve Spring Suit, you get to embrace the surf with confidence and flair, knowing that you're well-protected, comfortable, and looking great. Enjoy the best of the season with this exceptional addition to your surfing wardrobe.

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