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Elevate your performance to new heights and stay warm in chilly waters with the ultra-lightweight Furnace Carbon Comp wetsuit by Billabong. Fresh for the 2019/2020 season, this cold water competition wetsuit is packed with cutting-edge features to enhance your surfing experience.

Key Features:

  1. Furnace Graphene Technology:

    • Billabong's exclusive Furnace Graphene technology revolutionises wetsuit insulation. Graphene-wrapped yarns combined with carbon fibres create a lighter, stronger, and longer-lasting wetsuit.
    • Furnace Graphene is 50% lighter than traditional hollow fibre liners and 200 times stronger than steel, ensuring exceptional warmth without the added weight.
  2. Smart Foam with Up-cycled Car Tires:

    • The suit is crafted from Smart Foam, which is made from 30% up-cycled car tires.
    • This innovative material provides a 300% stretch capability while maximising heat retention and minimising weight.
  3. Air-lite Stretch Neoprene:

    • The wetsuit features Air-lite Stretch neoprene, known for its superior flexibility.
    • With a remarkable 350% stretch capability, this technology allows for unrestricted movement, enhancing your surfing performance.
  4. Comp Chest Zip Entry System:

    • The convenient Comp chest zip entry system ensures easy on and off, allowing you to get in the water quickly and effortlessly.
    • Say goodbye to frustrating wetsuit struggles and hello to more time riding waves.
  5. GBS Sealed Seams and Taped Internal Seams:

    • The wetsuit is constructed with GBS sealed seams and taped internal seams, offering optimal waterproofing and durability.
    • Enjoy the confidence of a watertight suit that keeps you comfortable and focused on your performance.


  • The wetsuit is composed of 80% Neoprene and 20% Nylon, ensuring a perfect balance between flexibility and durability.

Experience the perfect blend of performance flex and warmth with the Men's 3/2 full-suit by Billabong. This wetsuit combines advanced technologies like Furnace Graphene, Smart Foam, Air-lite Stretch neoprene, and a Comp chest zip entry system to provide you with ultimate comfort, flexibility, and thermal efficiency. Prepare to push your limits and conquer the waves in style and comfort.

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