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Introducing the Hyperfreak 3/2+ Steamer Chest Zip Wetsuit from O'Neill, where freedom meets performance. This wetsuit is designed to provide the ultimate surfing experience with its lightweight and comfortable construction, allowing you to move effortlessly and perform at your best.

The Hyperfreak 3/2+ features a combination of Featherlight pre-stretched TB3-X neoprene and hydrophobic super stretch TB3 neoprene. This exclusive technology delivers exceptional flexibility and freedom of movement, allowing you to surf with unrestricted motion. The construction is so light and comfortable that you'll feel as though you're surfing naked, enhancing your connection to the waves.

With a minimal seam design and unfinished cuffs, this wetsuit ensures a snug and streamlined fit that minimises water entry and maximises performance. The durable Krypto Knee Pads provide added protection and durability, giving you the confidence to take on any wave.

O'Neill is committed to sustainability, and the Hyperfreak 3/2+ reflects this with its use of more sustainably sourced materials compared to previous versions. The wetsuit is crafted with attention to detail and quality, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.

The Chest Zip entry system offers a secure and comfortable fit, while the Aqua Alpha Glue provides strong and durable bonding between the neoprene panels. The Double Seal Collar enhances the wetsuit's seal and minimises water flushing.

With a 3/2+ thickness, featuring 3mm in the body and 2mm in the arms and legs, this wetsuit strikes the perfect balance between insulation and flexibility, keeping you comfortable in a variety of water temperatures.

Experience the freedom and performance of the Hyperfreak 3/2+ Steamer Chest Zip Wetsuit. Whether you're riding waves in warm or cool waters, this wetsuit delivers the ultimate combination of comfort, flexibility, and sustainability, allowing you to fully enjoy your time in the water.

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