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The JS Monsta 2020 Squash surfboard is the answer to all your surfy prayers! This board is like a magic carpet ride on water, making even the gnarliest waves feel like a walk in the park. It's perfect for surfers who like to keep their rides smooth and sassy, even when the waves are anything but. With its squash tail design, you'll have the control of a dragon tamer and the precision of a ninja. And the best part? You'll look super fly while doing it. This board is like a fashionista in surfboard form, with its sleek graphics and high-performance construction, it's the ultimate accessory for any surfy day. So, if you're ready to make a splash (literally), the JS Monsta 2020 Squash surfboard is the board for you!

The Monsta 2020 Squash Tail was made with easy rider dimensions which makes the most popular models more approachable. This was done by adding more volume to hidden parts of the board as well as lowering the rails. It allowed high performance surfers to ride these boards with greater ease of paddling and manoeuvrability. This board is ideal in all wave types thanks to its medium entry and tail rocker which generates speed and creates ease of manoeuvrability. With the increased foam under the chest, paddling is much easier however the lowered rails allows for tighter turns in the pocket.

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