"Beginner's Paradise: Australia’s Friendliest Surf Beaches for Newbies"

"Beginner's Paradise: Australia’s Friendliest Surf Beaches for Newbies"

"Beginner's Paradise: Australia’s Friendliest Surf Beaches for Newbies"

So, you're amped up about learning to surf and reckon Australia's the place to start? Excellent idea! Australia's not just about deadly spiders and kangaroo selfies; we've got some of the world's most incredible beaches, especially for newbies like you.

Now, before you go out and pretend to be Mick Fanning, let's dial it back a bit. We've got some top spots that are ideal for those just getting their feet wet. These beaches come with milder waves and some of the best surf schools to get you frothing in no time.

  1. Manly or Freshwater Beach (Sydney), New South Wales

Manly beach is the perfect place to start your surfing journey. Manly Surf School is one of the best schools for beginners in NSW. If your plane lands in Sydney then you’ll be smart to head straight to Manly. More relaxed than Bondi but still plenty to do in between surf sessions. There’s something for everyone in Manly but be sure to learn the surf etiquette rules because it can be popular.

Step back from the sand, and you're greeted by the vibrant Corso – a pedestrian plaza teeming with shops, eateries, and street entertainers. This lively strip is an invitation to a post-swim gelato, a surf gear shopping spree, or a leisurely alfresco lunch. Beyond the beach, Manly seamlessly marries the cosmopolitan with the coastal. The area offers an array of water sports, scenic walks – including the famed Manly to Spit Bridge walk – and opportunities to explore hidden coves and bays. At sunset, Manly transforms again, with its beachside bars and restaurants coming alive, offering spectacular ocean views, fresh seafood, and a taste of Sydney's eclectic nightlife. In essence, Manly Beach embodies the Australian beach culture – a mecca for those who thrive on sun, surf, and an undying spirit of adventure.

  1. Byron Bay, New South Wales

If there's one place that's vibing with chilled surf energy, it's Byron. The waves at The Pass are gentle enough for newcomers, and you're bound to find plenty of other learners paddling around, making mistakes and having a laugh. The shopping and night life complement the fun you’ll have in the surf.

  1. Torquay, Victoria

Heard of the Great Ocean Road? Yep, that's Torquay. Home to the iconic Bells Beach, but for beginners, the spot to check out is Cosy Corner. Mellow waves and a sandy bottom. Plus, you might even bump into a pro or two!

  1. Noosa Heads, Queensland

Main Beach in Noosa is where it's at. A protected bay that offers long, cruisy rides perfect for those still figuring out their stance. And the view? Absolutely is second to none. As with Byron it’s a great place to chill, eat, shop and enjoy an afternoon beer at the local Surf Club.

  1. Crescent Head, New South Wales

The point break here has a reputation for being one of the longest rides you can get. But don’t freak out, it’s super forgiving for newbies. You can easily ride a wave for ages, feel like a total champ, and then head to the local café for a cheeky coffee. Great place to camp up and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

  1. Middleton Beach, South Australia

Middleton's a top spot to get comfortable with your surfing technique without the intense crowds. The waves are consistent, and there’s a stack of surf schools around, so you're sorted on the lesson front.


Ready to Dive In? Before you go hitting the waves, remember to always stay safe. Stick to patrolled areas, and if you’re not sure about something, ask a local or someone from the surf schools. Aussies are a friendly bunch; we love helping, especially if it's about surfing.

So, grab your board, slap on some sunscreen, and get ready to embrace the Aussie surf culture. 🤙

Catch you in the waves 🏄‍♂️🇦🇺



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