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The Aloha Shop Story......

Aloha Surf Shop popped into existence in 1991.

The masterminds behind this righteous establishment were Damian Hardman, that year's World Champion Surfer; Greg Clough, a top-notch shaper who could probably turn a potato into a surfboard; and partners in crime, John Brookes and Doug Lees.

The Aloha Surf Team was crammed with champian surfers excelling in the world tour, like Barton Lynch, Pam Burridge, Luke Egan, and Shane Powers. Over the years, we've kept the stoke alive by supporting young surfers, like Nathan Hedge, Richie Lovett, Kai Otton, Dayyan Neve, and Matt Bemrose.

In due time, Timmy (our beloved store manager since '92) took the reins, buying out partners who either retired or ventured off to chase other dreams. The vibe Timmy created is as chilled and fun as a beachside luau, just like surfing should be.

Throughout the years, we've had a blast making friends and welcoming surfing vagabonds from every corner of the globe (we can probably thank Lonely Planet for putting us on the map as a must-visit store). We even had a laid-back backpackers' pad upstairs back in the day, before pesky regulations cramped our style.

We've weathered the storms because we're die-hard surf fanatics who live and breathe the surf lifestyle. Our staff hail from all over the surfing world, forming the current tribe we like to call 'The Aloha Family.' So, come on down, hang loose, and join the fun!

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