"Riding the Wave of Excellence: Top Surfboard Brands Dominating the 2024 WSL Pipeline Competition"

"Riding the Wave of Excellence: Top Surfboard Brands Dominating the 2024 WSL Pipeline Competition"

What Surfboard Brands are the BEST in Hawaii?

"Riding the Wave of Excellence: Top Surfboard Brands Dominating the 2024 WSL Pipeline Competition"

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As the 2024 World Surf League (WSL) Pipeline competition unfolds, surf enthusiasts and competitors alike are turning their gaze towards the surfboards cutting through the fierce waves. Among the array of high-performance brands, a few stand out for their legacy, innovation, and the champions who swear by them.


 John John Florence

Pyzel Surfboards: Shaping Surfing Futures Since its humble beginnings in a backyard shaping room on the North Shore around 1995, Pyzel Surfboards has ridden the wave to global acclaim. Founded by Jon Pyzel in the warm waters of Hawaii, this brand is now synonymous with top-tier surfboard design. With accolades like the Stab In The Dark competition wins and endorsements from surfing legends like John John Florence and Sally Fitzgibbons, Pyzel's boards are a common sight at this year's Pipeline showdown. Searching for "best surfboards for big waves" or "surfboard shapers to the stars" will likely lead you to Pyzel’s doorstep.


Molly Picklum

DHD Surfboards: Mastering the Craft Darren Handley Designs (DHD) stands as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. From the Gold Coast waves to the Pipeline's daunting tubes, DHD surfboards, shaped by the legendary Darren Handley, offer unparalleled responsiveness. If you're querying "most responsive surfboard" or "champion surfboard shapers," DHD's reputation is bound to emerge. With icons like Mick Fanning and Stephanie Gilmore carving their legacies on DHD boards, every curve and contour is a stroke of Handley's genius.


Barron Mamiya


Channel Islands: The Al Merrick Legacy Channel Islands Surfboards, steered by Al Merrick’s innovative designs, have left an indelible mark on the sport. Typing "iconic surfboard shapers" or "surfboards for professionals" into your search bar will undoubtedly bring up Merrick's ground-breaking shortboards. The Pipeline competition is a canvas for Channel Islands' artistry, with many competitors trusting in the brand that has evolved with surfing itself.


Kanoa Igarashi


SharpEye Surfboards: The Cutting Edge of Performance SharpEye, with Marcio Zouvi at the helm, offers surfboards that embody the spirit of modern, progressive surfing. For those looking to "push the limits of surfing" or find "high-performance shortboards," SharpEye's commitment to excellence is evident. As the brand behind some of the world's top surfers, SharpEye is a beacon for those aspiring to elevate their performance at Pipeline.


Caroline Marks

Lost Surfboards: The Brand That Defies Convention Matt 'Mayhem' Biolos, the mastermind behind .Lost Surfboards, has carved a niche for himself with innovative designs and a rebellious spirit. If you're searching for "innovative surfboard designs" or "surfboards by legendary shapers," .Lost is the treasure you’ll find. With a history steeped in the Californian surf scene, .Lost boards are for those who dare to surf differently at Pipeline.

As the competition rages on, one thing is clear: the right surfboard is more than just a piece of equipment—it's a surfer's partner in the dance with the ocean's might. Stay tuned to our blog for more insights into the gear that’s making waves at the 2024 Pipeline, and don't forget to check out our detailed profiles on each of these legendary surfboard brands.






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