Aloha Surf Shop was born in 1991 (pretty obvious if you look closely at some of the dodgy fashion in the photos).

It was the brain child of Damian Hardman, that years World Champion Surfer, Greg Clough, arguably one of the best shapers in the world at the time, as well as John Brookes, and Doug Lees.

The Aloha Surf Team was jammed with brilliant surfers on the world tour like Barton Lynch, Pam Burridge, Luke Egan, and Shane Powers. Over the years we have continued to support some of the best young surfers of our time including Nathan Hedge, Richie Lovett, Kai Otton, Dayyan Neve, and Matt Bemrose.

In time Timmy, the store manager since 1992, (And yes, if you look closely, that IS Tim in 2 of the photos) has bought the store from partners who went on to do other things or retire. The vibe that’s been created is relaxed and fun, just like surfing should be.

Over the years we’ve had great times, making friends and constantly welcoming surfing travelers from around the world (probably helped by our presence in the Lonely Planet as a destination store). We’ve even had a loose backpackers upstairs, back in the day when there weren’t so many rules.

We’ve stood the test of time because we eat, breath, and sleep surfing and its people. Our staff come from all around the surfing world to create what we call ‘The Aloha Family’.

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