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The Advantage Plus 2/2mm Hurley Mens Long Sleeve Spring-suit Black is engineered for high-intensity surfing. This straightforward and efficient surf gear is your key to tackling the waves with confidence. Its construction process is eco-friendly, with components such as carbon black recycled from used tires, yarns that are dope-dyed, and neoprene derived from limestone. Coupled with a rapid-drying, insulating interior, this suit enables you to conquer the ocean without a hitch.

Features and Advantages:

  • Environmentally-friendly Warmth: Our production methods incorporate eco-friendly practices, like utilising carbon black recycled from worn-out tires, dope-dyed yarns, and limestone-derived neoprene.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: Our novel Exoflex material offers unmatched stretchability.
  • Swift Drying, Insulating Lining: The interior features heat-conserving yarns that dry swiftly in between sessions.
  • Unrestricted Mobility: The strategic placement of seams ensures unrestricted movement.
  • Chest Zip Entry: This feature guarantees a watertight suit that is also effortless to put on and remove.
  • Interior Chest Panel Key Pocket: Your key can be securely stowed away.
  • Spot Taped: For enhanced durability, we've added spot tape in strategic places where it's most needed, double glued and blind-stitched.
  • Suitable for individuals around 188cm in height, wearing a size Medium.

Embrace the thrill of the weekend surf with the Advantage Plus 2/2mm Hurley Mens Long Sleeve Springsuit. Experience sustainable warmth and effortless chest zip entry. More details to follow.

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