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Introducing the Channel Islands OG Flyer, a testament to transformative design and fluid adaptability in the realm of surfing. Born out of necessity, The Flyer emerged in 1999 when Al Merrick responded to team riders' quest for a board that promised not only the acceleration needed in softer waves but also the precision required for elite, world tour level performances. The solution defied the restrictive norms of the time, breaking free from excessively narrow frameworks and pioneering the path for today's modern performance shortboards that champion a wider and shorter structure.

Holding the title of the most beloved design across our spectrum, the OG Flyer is your go-to companion for daily surfing endeavours. It boasts a meticulous architectural structure, featuring a single-to-double concave that transitions smoothly from entry to centre, complemented by a vee exit. It doesn't stop there; Al's distinctive touch is evident in the signature bump squash, gently down-tuned rails, and an understated nose beak, all harmonising to enhance maneouverability and control.

Optimal for surfing in everyday conditions, the OG Flyer is designed to match your stature, recommending a length mirroring your own height. It's not just a surfboard; it's a confluence of speed, agility, and high-end performance, promising a ride that resonates with your rhythm and the waves. Embrace the legacy, ride the tide with the OG Flyer, and understand why it continues to be the most celebrated board in our chronicles.

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