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The Rip Curl Boys Dawn Patrol Long Sleeve Spring Suit is the ideal solution for young surfers during the transitional weather periods when a full-length steamer might be too much. A standard 3/2mm suit or thicker might be perfect for winter, but there are times when you need something lighter yet efficient for those extended water sessions. This is precisely the problem that this spring suit addresses.

Crafted with the same lightweight and ultra-flexible E5 neoprene used in its Dawn Patrol steamer counterparts, this suit provides both comfort and added cushioning between the surfer and the board, enhancing the paddling experience.

One of the significant advantages of this spring suit is the enhanced freedom of movement it offers. With less neoprene restricting you, actions such as paddling, popping up, or turning become less strenuous, as you're not constantly stretching against the suit. The unique cut of this suit leaves your knees completely free, further reducing the strain of movement. Coupled with the stretchy E5 neoprene, this suit becomes an excellent choice for surfing.

To ensure the longevity of your Rip Curl Boys Dawn Patrol Long Sleeve Spring Suit, we suggest cleaning it with Wetsuit Wash and referring to our maintenance guide.

Key Features of the Rip Curl Boys 2mm Dawn Patrol Long Sleeve Spring Suit:

  • E5 Neoprene: Lighter, warmer, and more flexible than ever.
  • Back Zip: Sturdier than a chest zip, perfect for easy wearing and removal.
  • Flatlock seams: Extremely durable, though not as warm as a GBS seam. Learn about the best seam for you on our blog.
  • Fast Drying Jerseys: Keeps the exterior of your suit drier and cleaner.
  • Internal Stash pocket: Convenient storage on the go.
  • Seamless underarm panels: Provide enhanced comfort and freedom of movement.
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