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Experience the perfect balance of warmth, protection, and style with the Rip Curl Madi 1mm Long Sleeve Boyleg Spring Suit. Designed for those moments when you need a little extra insulation or added defence against board rash and the sun's UV rays, this spring suit is tailored for surfers seeking both functionality and fashion.

Crafted with 1mm E4 neoprene, this wet suit is remarkably lightweight and stretchy, ensuring unrestricted movement in the water. The inclusion of 1mm neoprene under the chest provides enhanced comfort during paddling. Unlike rash guards or neoprene vests, the spring suit remains securely in place even during challenging maneouvers, offering consistent coverage and thermal retention.

Rip Curl employs their signature E-Stitching technique, allowing the elasticity of the E4 neoprene to flow seamlessly through the seams. These specialized seams act like springs, stretching to accommodate your movements. While they may not offer the same level of water sealing as thicker wetsuits, this is less critical for a 1mm spring suit.

To ensure optimal performance and longevity, we recommend washing your Rip Curl Women's G Bomb 1mm Spring Suit with Wetsuit Wash and following our maintenance guide.

Key Features of the Rip Curl Madi 1mm Long Sleeve Boyleg Spring Suit:

Flexible E4 Neoprene: Rip Curl's premium high-stretch neoprene delivers a lightweight feel and exceptional flexibility, allowing you to move freely in the water.

E-Stitched High-Stretch Lightweight Seams: The stitching is designed to maximise flexibility, ensuring that you fully benefit from the E4 neoprene's stretch. Learn more about wetsuit stitching on our blog.

Back Zip Entry: The convenient back zip makes it easy to don and remove the suit, and it won't cause discomfort when lying on your board. Learn more about wetsuit entry systems.

Long Sleeve Cut: Providing additional coverage and protection from the elements, the long sleeves offer extra warmth and safeguard against sun exposure.

UV Protection: Shield yourself from the sun's harmful UV rays while enjoying your time in the water.

Embrace the water with confidence and style by choosing the Rip Curl Madi 1mm Long Sleeve Boyleg Spring Suit. It's the perfect companion for those seeking optimal warmth, flexibility, and protection during their surf sessions.

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