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Introducing the Omega 1.5mm Short Sleeve Spring Suit from RIP CURL WETSUITS PTY LTD, a top-notch men's spring suit that places emphasis on keeping your core warm. Ideal for extended water sessions or for those times when the water temperature begins to drop, this suit ensures a comfortable and uninterrupted water adventure.

One of the distinguishing features of this suit is its E4 Stretch arm panels. This high-stretch fabric provides unrivalled flexibility, ensuring free and effortless movement while you navigate the waters. The arms, one of the most mobile parts of the body during aquatic activities, are thus unrestricted and fully capable of high-performance actions.

The suit is primarily made from E3 neoprene, a top-tier material recognised for its incredible insulation properties. This ensures that you stay warm even when the temperatures aren't in your favour.

Adding to the suit's comfort and durability are the E-stitch high stretch seams. These seams are exceptionally flexible and robust, capable of enduring intensive water activities without any compromise in the suit's structural integrity.

Further enhancing the suit's performance is the inclusion of mesh skin panels on the chest and back. These provide an extra layer of warmth and wind resistance, further preserving your body heat during chilly sessions.

With a thickness of 1.5mm, the Omega Short Sleeve Spring Suit provides ample insulation without sacrificing flexibility. It features a back-zip entry system, allowing for easy donning and doffing, adding to the overall practicality and functionality of the suit.

All in all, the Omega 1.5mm Short Sleeve Spring Suit combines modern design, superior materials, and thoughtful construction to keep you warm and flexible in the water.

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