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Introducing the all-new Futures Mayhem Vapor Core Thruster System, designed to revolutionise your surfing experience. This unique design adapts to the evolving trends of modern high-performance shortboards, offering increased curve under the rear foot for dynamic pocket surfing.

The Mayhem 3.0 fin template has been meticulously redesigned with a broader base and additional rake, as well as a more tapered and narrower tip compared to the classic thruster template. This design provides superior resistance and bite during sharp turns, allowing you to maintain drive through tight arcs. The reduced tip area, coupled with a tapered flex, ensures spontaneous release and flexibility, aiding swift transitions in and out of turns whenever required.

These fins have been put to the test in controlled environments like wave pools for consistency and repeatability, with invaluable feedback and input from a diverse group of elite surfers. The result is the most predictably dynamic fin available, made by hand in the USA.

The Vapor Core construction features a pre-tensioned woven carbon fibre exoskeleton that delivers instant power transfer from your feet to the water, resulting in explosive force. Instead of utilising a low-density foam core to reduce weight, Futures Fins has innovatively introduced a genuinely hollow core. The preloaded exoskeleton fibres provide immediate power transfer, which translates to rapid, yet controlled, reactions on the water.

The use of robust, lightweight aerospace-grade materials and a hollow core means quicker response times without compromising control and predictability. The fins are ~25% lighter than RTM, providing a balanced board weight and improved rotational stability in the air.

Size: Medium (M/L) Template: Rake (extended, for drive) Ride Number: Balanced — 4.3 Fin Type: Futures Fins Fins in Set: Three Fin Configuration: Thruster Construction: Vapour Core Rake: These fins feature a significant sweep, resulting in elongated turns and enhanced control and drive.


  • Immediate power transfer from your feet to the water
  • Explosive power
  • Handmade in Huntington Beach, CA with precise quality testing


  • Provides stiffness and control when needed
  • Offers springiness and spark when speed is a priority


  • Enables faster reaction times in critical sections
  • Fully recyclable at end of life


  • Lightest performance fin construction ever
  • Balances board weight

This revolutionary fin system has been applauded by professional surfers like Jack Freestone, Ethan Ewing, and Parker Coffin for its responsiveness, weight difference, and the lively feel it brings to surfing. Get ready to experience unmatched control, speed, and maneouverability with the Futures Mayhem Vapour Core Thruster System.

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