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Introducing the Billabong Australia 302 Teen Synergy Deep Sea Wetsuit, a top-tier wetsuit that combines lightweight design, premium heat insulation, and innovative technology. The Synergy Series is known for its exceptional performance and superior value, delivering everything you demand from a premium wetsuit.

The Teen Synergy Deep Sea Wetsuit is lined with ultra-warm Furnace quick-dry technology. The double-knit jersey creates air pockets that effectively trap heat, while allowing for optimal drainage, keeping you warm and comfortable in the water. This wetsuit is designed to provide maximum insulation and quick-drying properties, ensuring that you stay comfortable throughout your surf sessions.

The Super-light Foam core of the wetsuit provides 250% stretch, allowing for unrestricted movement while offering excellent thermal retention. The Super-flex 250 Jersey tops it off, providing additional insulation and minimal water absorption, keeping you light and agile in the waves.

Designed with clean, contoured seams and optional colour-blocked panels, the Furnace Synergy Wetsuit combines functionality with style. The wetsuit delivers a streamlined appearance while ensuring a comfortable and flexible fit, allowing you to perform at your best in the water.

The Teen Synergy Deep Sea Wetsuit features a long sleeve full suit design, offering complete coverage and protection for your upper body. The chest zip entry system provides easy on and off, while also ensuring a secure and watertight seal.

The exterior seams of the wetsuit are constructed using GBS (Glued and Blind Stitched) technology, which enhances durability and water resistance. The internal seams are reinforced with machine-applied super-flex neo tape, further enhancing the wetsuit's durability and preventing water leakage.

In terms of materials, the wetsuit is made from 80% neoprene, 10% nylon, and 10% polyester. This combination of materials provides a balance of flexibility, durability, and comfort, ensuring a long-lasting wetsuit that can withstand the demands of the ocean.

Choose the Billabong Australia 302 Teen Synergy Deep Sea Wetsuit to experience lightweight performance, premium heat insulation, and innovative technology. With its eco-conscious materials and exceptional design, this wetsuit delivers on both functionality and style, all without breaking the bank. Get ready to conquer the waves with confidence and comfort.

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