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Get ready to conquer the waves in ultimate style and performance with the 4/3 Women's Furnace Comp Series Chest Zip Full Wetsuit. Designed to keep you warm, flexible, and ready for action, this wetsuit combines advanced materials and cutting-edge features.

Key Features:

  1. AIRLITE 4D Exterior:

    • The wetsuit boasts an AIRLITE 4D exterior, offering 20% more stretch compared to standard neoprene.
    • Experience unparalleled freedom of movement and flexibility, enabling you to perform at your best.
  2. SMART Foam Core:

    • The neoprene foam core is crafted with SMART Foam technology, which partially utilises recycled materials.
    • Enjoy a lightweight feel without compromising on insulation or durability.
  3. Technical Graphene Interior:

    • The interior fabric features technical Graphene combined with Graphene Comp for enhanced warmth and heat retention.
    • Stay comfortably cozy in the water, even in cooler temperatures.
  4. Super-Flex Taped Seams:

    • Reinforced with Super-flex taped seams, this wetsuit ensures maximum durability and minimal water penetration.
    • Focus on your performance without distractions or discomfort.
  5. Long Sleeve Full Wetsuit Design:

    • The wetsuit features a long sleeve full design, providing optimal coverage and protection.
    • Stay shielded from the elements, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the surfing experience.
  6. Convenient Chest Zip Entry:

    • The chest zip entry system offers easy on and off, making getting in and out of the wetsuit a breeze.
    • Experience a snug fit and enhanced flexibility across the chest for unrestricted movement.
  7. Power Seam and Machine-Applied Super-Flex Neo Tape:

    • The wetsuit's exterior seam detail utilises Power Seam construction, ensuring durability and water resistance.
    • Machine-applied Super-flex neo tape reinforces the internal seams, adding extra strength to critical areas.


  • The wetsuit is composed of 70% Recycled Nylon, 19% Nylon, and 11% Elastane, offering a combination of sustainability, comfort, and flexibility.

Choose the 4/3 Women's Furnace Comp Series Chest Zip Full Wetsuit to elevate your surfing performance. With its advanced features, including AIRLITE 4D exterior, SMART foam core, and technical Graphene interior, this wetsuit provides the warmth, flexibility, and durability you need to take on any wave. Stay comfortable, stay stylish, and stay ahead of the competition with this exceptional women's wetsuit.

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