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Aloha Manly Style



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Immerse yourself in the essence of surf culture with The Aloha Shop's retro-style T-shirts, celebrating the iconic establishment's legacy "since 1991." These tees are a fusion of historical reverence and contemporary sustainability, offering a tangible connection to the surf community's storied past.

Vintage Aesthetics, Timeless Legacy: Central to each T-shirt is the unmistakable artistic signature of Marty Schnider, re-envisioned through a retro lens. This exclusive artwork crystallises The Aloha Shop's historical presence, with every detail thoughtfully designed to echo the surfing heyday. The graphic’s slightly distressed style evokes memories of seasoned surfboards and golden sunsets, harking back to the shop's origins in 1991. This isn't just retro fashion; it's a wearable archive of decades of surf camaraderie.

Conscious Comfort, Classic Style: Prioritising both your comfort and the planet, these T-shirts are composed of 100% soft, sustainably harvested cotton. They provide the kind of natural, breathable comfort that only premium materials can offer, reflecting the surf community’s commitment to nature and the preservation of our oceans.

Product Features:

  • Retro-Inspired Imagery: Unique artwork by Marty Schnider showcases The Aloha Shop in its vintage glory, blending historical richness with a nostalgic aesthetic.
  • Earth-Friendly Fabric: Made entirely from high-quality, sustainably sourced cotton, aligning your love for the oceans with actionable eco-consciousness.
  • Classic Comfort Fit: Embraces a traditional style with a relaxed fit, ensuring easy wearability from catching waves to relaxing on the sand.
  • Historical Marker: Features the significant "since 1991" notation, highlighting the year The Aloha Shop became a landmark within the surf community.

By wearing The Aloha Shop's retro T-shirt, you celebrate more than the store's inception; you acknowledge its journey through the decades. Each T-shirt is an ode to the timeless spirit of surfing, a narrative of passion, and a pledge to environmental stewardship. With it, you don't just recall history; you wear a piece of it, honouring the legacy that has been riding the waves with you since 1991.

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