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Introducing the O'Neill Boys Hyperfreak Fire CZ Full 4x3mm Wetsuit, a high-performance wetsuit designed specifically for young surfers. This wetsuit is packed with features to enhance comfort, flexibility, and durability, ensuring an exceptional surfing experience.

The Boys Hyperfreak Fire CZ Wetsuit boasts a sleek and stylish design in a captivating Gunmetal Black colour, making it the perfect choice for young surfers who want to stand out in the waves.

Crafted from premium TB4 Neoprene and TB4 Air Firewall materials, this wetsuit provides exceptional insulation and warmth while maintaining a lightweight feel. The TB4X fully taped seams and minimal seam design further enhance flexibility and prevent water entry, allowing young surfers to move freely without restrictions.

In line with O'Neill's commitment to sustainability, the Boys Hyperfreak Fire CZ Wetsuit is made using recycled and sustainable materials. This ensures that not only are you getting a top-notch wetsuit, but you're also contributing to the protection of our environment.

For added durability and protection, this wetsuit features Krypto knee pads, which provide cushioning and abrasion resistance in high-impact areas. The double seam collar adds extra comfort and prevents water flushing, keeping young surfers warm and focused on riding the waves.

With a thickness of 4/3mm, the Boys Hyperfreak Fire CZ Wetsuit offers excellent insulation in a variety of water temperatures. Whether you're tackling cool morning sessions or surfing in milder conditions, this wetsuit will keep you comfortable and protected.

The wetsuit features a convenient chest zip entry, allowing for easy on and off. O'Neill's "First In, Last Out" design philosophy ensures that this wetsuit provides a secure and watertight seal, keeping young surfers warm throughout their sessions.

O'Neill, as the original surf pioneers, have a long-standing reputation for innovation and influence in surf and snow lifestyles. With the Boys Hyperfreak Fire CZ Wetsuit, they continue to deliver exceptional quality and performance for the next generation of surfers.

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