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Globe International presents the Burly Hoodie, a heavyweight champion in the realm of casual wear. This hoodie isn't just warm—it's a fortress of comfort, constructed with an unwavering commitment to durability and eco-conscious materials.

This robust piece is tailored from 100% organic cotton and lined with a thick 470gsm brushed fleece, offering an unrivalled warmth that endures. The designers have woven functionality into its very fibres with a pouch pocket secured by YKK Natulon® recycled zippers, ensuring your valuables are safe, regardless of the adventure.

True to Globe's core values, the Burly Hoodie is a testament to their dedication to low-velocity, sustainable fashion. By choosing materials like organic cotton and recycled components, they're not just crafting apparel—they're taking a stand for the environment. As practitioners of skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding, the Globe team intimately understands the importance of preserving the playgrounds they cherish.

While Globe acknowledges the journey to perfection is long, their departure from fast fashion is a bold stride towards producing timeless, quality clothing for the discerning explorer. Through meticulous testing for fit, function, and durability, they ensure that each garment, including the Burly Hoodie, is not only built to last but also aligned with the ethos of reducing environmental impact. It's clothing designed not just for today, but for the many tomorrows to come.

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