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Christenson OSPREY

Christenson OSPREY

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Christenson Surfboards are based out of Southern California where Chris Christenson shapes the world's finest boards. Chris’ ability to combine decades of shaping knowledge passed down by his mentors Skip Frye and Dick Brewer in a contemporary functionality is unsurpassed. You really do need to see these boards up close and personal!

This is a streamlined mid-length design inspired by the Skip Frye K model. I was very fortunate to be shaping room neighbours with Skip Frye for 10 years. I owe a lot of my inspiration to the Skipper. I love riding this model when I am too lazy to ride a shortboard but IÂ’m not in the mood to deal with a log. Low rails, v and concave bottom contours, this board zips and trims at any break. Also an amazing board to get shacked on at your local beach break when the swell is up and the winds are howling offshore. A great daily driver as well for those that prefer length in their quivers

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