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The Softlite Chopstick Surfboard is distinguished by its core, made from 100% waterproof molded EPS, ensuring durability and water resistance. The deck of the board is crafted from 10lb PE, providing a robust and comfortable surface. An Xtra Duralinx slick forms the slick of the board, adding to its sleek design and performance.

This surfboard is reinforced with double bamboo stringers, further strengthened with fibreglass taping, offering enhanced durability and flexibility. Notable features include the Edge Trim System and an Exoskeletal Strength Membrane, along with a convenient leash plug for safety and convenience.

Equipped with a Thruster Fin Set Up, the board includes the innovative Bones and Shanks Fin System, allowing for easy installation and removal of fins. The fins are included with every board, adding to the value.

Designed as Mal shapes, these boards boast fast paddling speeds and exceptional stability. They are versatile, catering not only to beginners but also to experienced surfers. The design is ideal for small waves and conducive to traditional longboard maneouvers, such as nose riding.

The 6'0" model is particularly suitable for beginners or those with a smaller stature or limited surfing experience. Softlite's exclusive molds ensure each board is identical and free from imperfections, while also creating a stiffer, more durable outer shell of EPS foam compared to similar products.

A key feature of these boards is the absence of screws on the deck, eliminating the risk of injuring toes and making it easier to apply wax. The Bamboo Stringer System is reinforced with fibreglass sheeting and epoxy resin, providing the perfect balance of flex for an optimal surfing experience.

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