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Presenting: Chilli - Churro 2 EPS TT

The All-Around Maestro

Experience an upgraded surf experience with the Churro 2 EPS TT, your new go-to board for an array of wave conditions. This board packs enhanced small wave performance features, making it the ultimate weapon for conditions from 2-foot mush to 5-foot glassy swells. Crafted by James with the ethos of super accessible, high-performance surfing and everyday conditions, the Churro 2 carries the beloved traits of its predecessor - speed and adaptability - along with a few contemporary updates. From erratic beach breaks to leisurely point breaks and everything in between, this board will be your catalyst for pure surfing bliss!

The Churro 2 EPS TT showcases a refined outline, with a subtle pull-in at the nose and tail (around the 12' mark), shedding the hips and shoulders of the original Churro. This adjustment gifts the Churro 2 a smoother, more fluid feel. The wide point sits comfortably in the board's centre, providing a 'massive' sweet spot, leading down to a tidy round square tail that's wide enough to help you cruise through any slow sections.

The forgiving rocker, akin to the original, offers a moderate entry, a nearly flat mid-section, and a moderate exit at the tail, guaranteeing boundless down-the-line speed. The board's bottom contour features a straightforward single to very slight double concave out the fins, ensuring that the Churro 2 remains effortlessly user-friendly across all conditions.

Our Project Black R&D stages have indicated that a neutral fin template (neither too upright nor too raked) delivers the ideal blend of speed, flow, and response for this model. We recommend the FCS 2 Performer template and the FUTURES F6 template, just choose your size to fit.

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