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Introducing the Champion of Stab in the Dark 2022: The CI Pro

Step into the world of elite surfing with the CI Pro, the crown jewel of Channel Islands' high-performance boards. Witnessed beneath the agile feet of Jack Robinson and born from the collaborative genius of Britt and Parker Coffin, this board reigns supreme in the realm of professional surfing.

Masterful Design: The CI Pro stands out as the most rockered board in our collection, signifying its status at the apex of high-performance surfboards. It boasts a pronounced continuous rocker, curviest at the central section, facilitating swift and sharp directional changes. Meanwhile, its subtler curve towards the tail end underpins extraordinary projection, sustaining your momentum through every maneuover.

Precision-Engineered Contours: This board's design intricacies do not stop at the rocker. It features a nuanced single concave, subtly transitioning into a gentle double concave near the fins. This precision-engineered contouring allows the board to nestle into the water, yielding a sensation of unparalleled connectivity and control, especially at soaring speeds or during intricate turns.

Responsive and Intuitive Surfing: Matched with its curvaceous outline, the CI Pro's soft, tucked rails endorse an exuberant, rail-to-rail surfing experience. The board responds intuitively to your body movements, promoting an aggressive, seamless style of surfing.

Unrestricted Performance: In essence, the CI Pro transcends conscious thought, giving you the freedom to execute whatever your heart desires on the waves. It's not just a board; it's your ally in carving water, making the most audacious surfing thoughts a tangible reality. With the CI Pro, you're not just riding; you're expressing art through action.

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