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Introducing Firewire's Revamped Dominator 2.0:

Get set to ride the waves with the all-new Dominator II from Firewire. Building on the legacy of its predecessor, which has been a cornerstone in both my personal quiver and Firewire's lineup since 2008, the Dominator II promises enhanced performance packed in a contemporary design.

At first glance, the most evident transformation is the shift to a squash tail from the traditional round tail, giving the board a fresh aesthetic and functional edge. Additionally, while retaining its original integrity, the rails have undergone subtle modifications to render a more performance-driven profile.

Underfoot, the concave remains consistent but takes an intriguing turn towards the tail. The last 5" houses a nuanced double-barrel concave merging into a V-shape, creating a perfect balance for agility and release during turns. While round tails have been my go-to for their seamless transitions, this revamped squash tail not only matches up but adds a hint of zest, making turns more dynamic.

With the Dominator II, expect tradition to marry innovation, offering you a board that's not just about catching waves but mastering them. Dive in and feel the difference! 🌊🏄‍♂️.

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