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"The Ultimate Driver Machine" aptly describes the DRIVER 3.0 from Lost Surfboards, a masterpiece honed over three years with inputs from elite team riders. This board is not just an evolution but a transformation of the Driver 2.0, driven by the relentless pursuit of excellence and competitive edge in the world of professional surfing.

The DRIVER 3.0 made its impressive debut as a squash tail in the 2022 Stab In The Dark, featuring Jack Robinson, where it narrowly missed the top spot, finishing as a close runner-up. This version, further refined through the year, has been lauded as a groundbreaking design.

Elite surfers, including Griffin Colapinto who clinched two World Championship Tour victories with it, have acclaimed the DRIVER 3.0 as the pinnacle of their quiver. Replicating the magic board used by Griffin in El Salvador, this model has received overwhelming praise from seasoned pros and rising stars alike, leading to its public release.

The board stands out with its slightly increased tail rocker and deeper double to single concave in the rear, compared to its predecessor. The deck line is expertly scooped out with lower, boxier rails, enhancing water entry and providing more lift and speed, facilitating tight, powerful turns.

Modifications include a narrower hip for added grip and stability, along with a wide, forgiving round tail that narrows at the end for superior control in intense pocket surfing. To balance these elements, the forward outline and volume are increased, promoting glide and drive off the front foot.

The DRIVER 3.0 boasts a thicker stringer line for paddle power, complemented by a high-angled “Vee” deck, which reduces volume while maintaining a moderate, forgiving rail. The dimensions and volumes are generously calibrated, reflecting the feedback and preferences of top-tier athletes like Griffin, Yago, Kolohe, and Crosby, who choose varying lengths and volumes to match their styles.

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