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The DRIVER 3.0 Squash stands as the pinnacle of relentless refinement, shaped by a three-year dialogue with elite surfers and their quest for perfection. Ever since the Driver 2.0 debuted in 2019, the feedback loop with our top athletes has been a force of progression, each one seeking an unparalleled edge over formidable competitors.

This iteration transcends its predecessor, the Driver 2.0, achieving a distinct identity that first captured attention when it was sneakily introduced during the 2022 Stab In The Dark event with Jack Robinson. Although it narrowly missed victory, it emerged as a refined contender. The model's continuous honing throughout the year led to its distinction as a revered piece in the arsenals of our leading surfers. It became the standout favorite, underscored by Griffin Colapinto's triumphant runs in the 2022 WCT in Portugal and El Salvador.

The design of the Driver 3.0 Squash is a carbon copy of Griffin's celebrated board from El Salvador. The unanimous praise from seasoned pros like Kolohe Andino, Yago Dora, and Ian Crane, along with the rising stars Eli Hanneman, Crosby Colapinto, and Cole Houshmand, propelled us to make this model widely available.

In essence, the Driver 3.0 integrates a subtly increased tail rocker and more pronounced double to single concave at the back than its precursor. The tailored deck line dips along the tail, carrying lower, sharper rails to slice the water with finesse.

An enhanced concave amplifies lift, equating to escalated speed, while augmented rail rocker brings tighter, more explosive turns. A refined hip adds hold and outline stability. These changes are counterbalanced by a touch more width and volume up front, ensuring smooth glide and dynamic front-foot drive.

Thicker along the stringer for paddling strength and drive, yet featuring a higher-angled “Vee” deck to moderate volume, the DRIVER 3.0 ends in a rounded, forgiving rail. The dimensions are notably generous, a calibrated response to our athletes' input.

With configurations like Griffin's 5’11 x 28.50 litres, Yago's range of 5’11 and 6’0 x 29.50 liters, and Kolohe and Crosby's models with 29L, the Driver 3.0 Squash becomes the epitome of high-performance surfing.

Forged through meticulous testing and invaluable feedback from premier surfers in the USA and beyond, it's been validated on the global stage. Yet, its design is approachable enough for any skilled surfer's quiver, offering speed and volume for an all-around ride.

Driver 3.0…The Ultimate Driving force in high-performance surfboards.

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