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Introducing: The Chilli - Faded 2.0

Superior Performance

Are you on the lookout for a single surfboard that excels in 'good waves'? Look no further than the Faded 2.0. The successor of the original Faded, it is crafted for navigating heavier, hollow waves, offering the paddling ease of a step-up combined with the agility of a shortboard. Developed in collaboration with Jay Davies, this board is tested in diverse locations, from the waters of Costa Rica to West Oz. Designed primarily for hollow tubes, it also offers a smooth ride in good waves ranging from 3 to 8 feet plus.


The Faded 2.0 features a full nose for enhanced paddling power and a smooth middle that transitions into a relatively straight bottom third. This design provides potent drive through its rounded pin-tail.


The board presents a flat-medium entry and a smooth medium tail rocker, perfectly complementing the double concave and vee bottom contour. The result is a fast board with excellent control in tight situations.


The bottom contour is a single concave from 12 inches down to the board's midpoint. A slight double concave from the midpoint flows down into a vee through the tail. This design offers the necessary hold and drive in fast, hollow waves, where control is paramount.


The Faded 2.0 is equipped with a 5-fin setup. The thruster setup is standard, with the quad rears placed slightly closer together. This configuration results in a fast board with extraordinary hold.

Fin Recommendations

Given the board's control characteristics, we recommend the following fins:

Thruster - FCS II Carver Template

Quad - FCS II Carver Template quad Rear

Thruster – FUTURES JJF template

Quad – FUTURES QD4 template


Designing a 'good wave' board requires an intricate balance of performance attributes, and the Faded 2.0 was built to achieve just that. The board's outline, rocker, and bottom contours work harmoniously to deliver unparalleled performance.

The top third of the board features a full-ish outline packed with volume, coupled with a flat entry rocker, making it ideal for large wave entry. Be it fast and hollow or big and chunky waves, this board handles it all (sans the insanity).

The middle section 'mellows out' with a single concave and straight outline, providing speed and the necessary bite to hold a line. The rear third is where control is generated, with a double concave transitioning into a vee out the tail, enabling smooth rail-to-rail transitions and steady lines, be it racing across the face, executing controlled bottom turns, or aiming to strike noon off the lip.

In short, the Faded 2.0 is a paddle powerhouse at the front and a controlled fun-park at the rear.

Rail: Low-medium, perfect for maintaining a line in fast, hollow waves.

Wave Height: 3-8 feet.

Surfer Skill Level: Intermediate to advanced.

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