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Looking to take your surfing game to the next level? Then you need the FCS II Gerry Lopez PC fins – the perfect set of fins for shredding the gnar like a pro. And with their sleek and stylish black design, you'll look like a surf god in the water (even if you're still working on your pop-up).

But these fins aren't just any old fins – they've been created in collaboration with the Hawaiian legend himself, Mr. Pipeline himself, Gerry Lopez. And if anyone knows how to ride the waves like a boss, it's this guy.

Designed to fit the FCS II Fin System and perfect for tri quad set-ups, these fins are made with Performance Core (PC) technology, which means they're both light and versatile. And with their progressive flex pattern, you can expect to maintain drive and hold through every turn – no matter how gnarly the waves get.

But let's talk about the size – with a weight range of 65-80 kgs (or 145-175 lbs), these medium-sized fins are perfect for surfers who want a balance of stability and maneuverability. And with their deep concaves and moderate-to-extreme rocker, they're ideal for performance hybrid models that can handle even the most challenging waves.

So why wait? Grab a set of FCS II Gerry Lopez PC fins today and get ready to show those waves who's boss. You'll be turning heads (and turning on a dime) in no time!

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