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The FCS Freedom Helix 6' Comp Leash represents a groundbreaking advancement in surf leash technology, ingeniously blending weightlessness, strength, and eco-friendliness.

Overview: At the heart of this unique leash is the 6 ft Helix cord, crafted from naturally sourced corn-based bio-resin. This innovative material choice not only reduces the environmental impact but also enhances the leash's performance, making it lighter and stronger than traditional models.

New Helix Cord Features:

  • Bio-Resin Construction: Utilises a corn-based formula for a lighter, more robust cord.
  • Inner Helix Design: Straightens when under load, absorbing shock and increasing strength.
  • Textured Cord Surface: Ensures smoother water flow and reduced drag.

Lightweight Cuff Design:

  • Silicone Grip Print: Prevents the cuff from slipping around the ankle.
  • 2mm Neoprene Padding: Offers a thin, lightweight, and comfortable fit.
  • Low Profile Moulded Velcro: Provides a stronger and more reliable attachment.
  • Moulded Pull-Tab: Redesigned for a quick and easy release, featuring a new finger grip.

Strong Connections:

  • Helix Overmould: Enhances strength and provides necessary stretch under strain.
  • Reinforced Horn: Elongated design minimises back foot tangling.
  • Slim Railsaver: Constructed with Hypalon and moulded velcro for added strength.
  • Titanium Swivels: Exceptionally durable, lightweight, and resistant to corrosion.


  • Cord Thickness: 5mm, optimised for durability and flexibility.
  • Leash Length: 6 feet, ideal for managing smaller waves.
  • Wave Compatibility: Specifically designed for waves under 4 feet.

Innovative Design: The Freedom Helix leash has been completely re-engineered for peak performance. The new Corn-based Bio-resin construction not only sets a new standard in terms of environmental responsibility but also offers enhanced strength and durability. The Helix construction and Overmould connections are designed to straighten and absorb shock under tension, amplifying the leash's overall strength.

The FCS Freedom Helix 6' Comp Leash is a testament to innovative design, providing surfers with a leash that is not only high-performing but also eco-conscious, revolutionising the way they connect with their board and the ocean."

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