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It was Parker Coffin who sparked the idea: a variation of the Neck Beard 2 shaped into a keel-fin fish would be exceptional. Thus, the Channel Islands team reimagined the latter half of the NB2's template and rocker, matched the design with their CI Keel Fins, and thus the FishBeard came into existence.

The FishBeard surfboard is the epitome of efficiency at the front while embodying sheer fun at the tail. Riders who position themselves towards the front of this accommodating board can harness the drive from the midsection, achieving the sought-after speed and smoothness. Moving back to the tail engages the fins and rails, which then offer the surfer control, swivel, momentum, and the liberty to execute powerful maneouvers.

To complement the surfboard's dynamic capabilities, the team reached into their historical treasure trove for some retro flair, resurrecting vibrant fluorescent logos from the mid-1980s and Channel Islands' classic aesthetic from that golden era.

For surfers seeking to extract the utmost potential from the FishBeard, it's strongly advised to pair the board with Futures AMK Keel Fins. While these fins draw inspiration from the traditional keel outline, they arrive with a contemporary twist—a modern rake shape, progressive tip flexibility, and flat interior foils that are meticulously calibrated for speedy and high-performance surfing. The AMK keel-fin set is designed not only for aggressive carving but also caters to those who wish to cruise with style.

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