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The FCS Freedom Helix Leash - All Round: A Fusion of Innovation and Performance

Overview: The Freedom Helix leash by FCS redefines the standard for surfing leashes through its unique combination of weightlessness, strength, and eco-conscious design. This one-of-a-kind leash is specially crafted to enhance your surfing experience, making it lighter and faster than you've ever felt before.

Key Features:

  • New Helix Cord: Utilising a corn-based bio-resin, the leash's cord is both lighter and stronger, revolutionising traditional leash designs.
  • Shock Absorption: The inner Helix structure straightens under load, effectively absorbing shock and boosting the cord's strength.
  • Reduced Drag: The textured surface of the Helix cord facilitates smoother water flow, significantly reducing drag.

Lightweight Cuff:

  • Silicone Grip Print: Ensures the leash stays securely in place around the ankle.
  • 2mm Neoprene Padding: Offers a thin, light, and comfortable fit.
  • Low Profile Moulded Velcro: Enhances strength and reliability.
  • Moulded Pull-Tab: Newly designed for a quick and easy release.

Strong Connections:

  • Helix Over-mould: Maximises strength while providing necessary stretch under strain.
  • Reinforced Horn: Elongated design to reduce back foot tangling.
  • Slim Rail-saver: Crafted with Hypalon and moulded velcro for added durability.
  • Titanium Swivels: Exceptionally durable, lightweight, and resistant to corrosion.


  • Cord Thickness: 6.5mm, balancing strength and flexibility.
  • Leash Lengths: Available in 6 ft and 7 ft, catering to a variety of surfboard sizes.
  • Wave Size Suitability: Ideally designed for wave sizes ranging from 0 to 8 feet.

Innovative Design: Every aspect of the Freedom Helix leash has been meticulously re-engineered for optimum performance and comfort. The introduction of corn-based bio-resin in its construction not only makes it lighter and stronger but also more environmentally friendly. The innovative Helix construction and Over-mould connections are specifically designed to straighten under tension, absorbing shock and enhancing the leash's overall strength.

The FCS Freedom Helix Leash - All Round is a testament to advanced design and technology, providing surfers with a leash that is not just a tool, but an integral part of their surfing experience, allowing them to surf with freedom and confidence.

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