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The Aloha Surfboards FUN DIVISION ECO SKIN is a game changer for surfers who want to ride sustainably. The board is made using environmentally conscious materials, including recyclable EPS foam, fast-growing Paulownia timber, and Epoxy resin with lower VOC levels. This means that you can enjoy the waves with peace of mind knowing that you are helping to reduce your environmental impact.

The Fun Division Mid - Eco skin is perfect for those who want the performance of a longboard but in a more compact form. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced surfer, this board will be a great addition to your quiver. With its multiple fin setup, you can choose to ride it with a single fin for faster speeds or add side bite fins for more stability and hold. The fin system is compatible with FCSII and Futures, so you can choose the fins that work best for you.

Overall, the Aloha Surfboards FUN DIVISION ECO SKIN is a great choice for surfers who want to ride sustainably without sacrificing performance. With its eco-friendly construction and versatile design, it's a board that you can feel good about riding.

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