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Introducing the Omega 3/2mm Back Zip Wetsuit Steamer—a high-performance wetsuit that doesn't break the bank. This wetsuit combines top-notch features with an economical price, delivering exceptional value without compromising on quality.

Key Features:

  1. Optimal Thickness:

    • With a 3/2mm thickness, this wetsuit strikes the perfect balance between flexibility and insulation.
    • It provides sufficient warmth in cooler waters while offering the freedom of movement needed for unrestricted performance.
  2. Unsealed Seams:

    • The wetsuit features unsealed seams, allowing for enhanced flexibility and a natural range of motion.
    • Enjoy a comfortable fit that doesn't compromise on performance.
  3. Convenient Back Zip Entry System:

    • The back zip entry system ensures easy and hassle-free donning and doffing of the wetsuit.
    • Say goodbye to contortionist moves and hello to effortless entry into your wetsuit.
  4. E5 and E3 Neoprene:

    • The Omega wetsuit incorporates E5 and E3 neoprene, renowned for their exceptional flexibility and durability.
    • Experience a wetsuit that moves with you, providing maximum comfort and performance.
  5. Mesh Skin Panels:

    • The addition of mesh skin panels enhances both the durability and wind resistance of the wetsuit.
    • Enjoy extended sessions in the water without compromising on comfort or protection.
  6. Critical Stress Point Taping:

    • To ensure durability and longevity, critical stress points on the wetsuit are reinforced with taping.
    • Experience peace of mind, knowing that your wetsuit is built to withstand the demands of your aquatic adventures.
  7. Internal Key Pocket:

    • The wetsuit is equipped with an internal key pocket, allowing you to safely store your essentials while you surf.
    • Keep your keys secure and easily accessible, without hindering your movements.

Immerse your kid in the quality and performance of the Omega 3/2mm Back Zip Wetsuit Steamer. With its outstanding features, including E5 and E3 neoprene, mesh skin panels, and critical stress point taping, this wetsuit offers exceptional value and performance for any water enthusiast. Stay comfortable, stay warm, and stay in the water longer with this top-quality, economically priced wetsuit.

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