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Introducing the Channel Islands "Happy Everyday" - your quintessential everyday shortboard, born from the pedigree of the acclaimed Two Happy performance model and meticulously adapted by Britt Merrick. This board is the answer for surfers who crave the thrill of high-level surfing across the ordinary waves that we encounter most days.

Recognising the universal need for a board that brings out the best in the everyday surfer, Britt Merrick embarked on a journey to evolve the esteemed performance features of the Two Happy. He crafted the Happy Everyday with an eye towards the common surfing conditions, striking a balance where grovellers fall short and the epic wave boards feel too much.

Key to this board's versatility is the reimagined outline. Britt trimmed the rails, infusing more curvature, particularly in the tail region, promoting responsiveness and agility. The magic lies in the harmonised rocker profile: both entry and exit rockers have been subdued to bolster paddling prowess and enhance planing speed, ensuring the board thrives in a wider spectrum of wave conditions.

The design integrates a pronounced single concave under the front foot, functioning like a turbo boost, paired with an ample double concave through the fins, facilitating swift rail transitions and offering an uplift in less powerful waves.

The CI Pro Team's enthusiasm for the Happy Everyday has been resounding, a sentiment underscored during the Stab in the Dark event with Taj Burrow in West Oz. It proved its mettle as Taj's board of choice at the WSL’s Rottnest Islands event, a testament to its adaptability and prowess.

Positioned precisely between your peak-performance shortboard (Two Happy) and your step-down groveller (Rocket Wide), the Happy Everyday stands as an indispensable asset in your quiver.

In essence, the Happy Everyday is not just a surfboard; it's your ally, committed to elevating your performance on the waves that we greet and ride on a routine basis. It promises not just a ride, but an experience, making the most of every wave, every day.

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