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In the shaping world of 2015, a fresh challenge presented itself when the legendary Kelly Slater requested a new board from the hands of a seasoned shaper. With vivid clarity, the shaper envisioned the perfect board for Kelly — from the sweeping contours of the bottom to the precise tail template. The distribution of volume and the overall silhouette seemed to spring forth from a well of intuition, possibly drawn from years of observing Kelly's artistry on the waves, as well as a deep history of crafting surfboards.

It may sound extraordinary, but the shaper was imbued with a sense of certainty about this design's compatibility with Kelly's iconic style. And yet, after the board was dispatched in 2015, there was silence; no feedback came, and time moved on.

Fast forward to a surprising afternoon in 2017, a barrage of messages suddenly flooded in — Kelly was tearing up the waves at Trestles on that very board, which had lain dormant for two years. As it turned out, a close childhood friend of Kelly's had discovered the board, recognising its potential as something Kelly would appreciate due to their shared history and numerous board exchanges.

Now, this design is bolstered by groundbreaking IBOLIC Technology, a patent-pending innovation infused within the core blank's construction, marrying preloaded structural flex with strength and durability. At its heart, a Fibre Reinforced I-Beam runs down the center, while Parabolic Rail Springers stretch from nose to tail, providing three distinct points for flex control and break resistance. The central I-Beam ensures solidity beneath the feet and extraordinary break strength, whereas the twin Parabolic Rail Springers instigate flex and spring back during manoeuvers.

This IBOLIC Technology represents a quantum leap in surfboard design, eliminating the need for external carbon reinforcements or heavy laminates. It's the synthesis of the most admired characteristics of LFT and Helium technologies — now optimised, combined, and elevated, to position the future directly under the feet of surfers.

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