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Introducing the Revolutionary Inferno 72 (C1-CARBON) from SharpEye Surfboards 

Overview: Experience the pinnacle of surfboard innovation with our latest Inferno 72 model, now enhanced with cutting-edge Carbon EPS construction. This new design not only elevates the board's durability but also significantly boosts its responsiveness, making it a game-changer in the surf world.

Performance Range: Designed for small to medium waves, the Inferno 72 is renowned as the world’s fastest surfboard, with a proven track record of exceptional performance. Whether you're a professional surfer or a passionate wave rider, this model is your ultimate companion for everyday surfing.

Key Features:

  • Carbon EPS Construction: Advanced technology for unmatched strength and speed.
  • Medium Single to Deep Double Concave: Ensures quick acceleration and smooth flow between turns.
  • Medium Entry to Exit Rocker: Balances maneouverability with drive for an explosive performance.
  • Medium Rails: Offers controlled, responsive turns.
  • Stab in the Dark Winner: Recognised for its outstanding capabilities.

Model Outline: A performance shortboard that masterfully blends maneuverability with drive, offering the ideal setup for everyday surfing conditions.

Bottom Contours: Transitioning from a medium single to a deep double concave, this design ensures swift, smooth gliding and precise control.

Fin Setup: Optimised for a thruster setup, we recommend pairing with either Filipe Toledo PC Fins or SharpEye PC Fins for FCS systems, and SharpEye Fins or F8 Fins for Futures systems.

Sizing: For optimal performance, order the Inferno 72 in your usual shortboard size. For a more agile setup, consider dropping one inch.

Ride the waves like never before with the Inferno 72 (C1-CARBON) – where advanced technology meets proven performance.

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