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The JS Monsta 2020 Round surfboard is like a clown car for waves! With its rounded outline and wide nose, you can fit more stoke in every ride. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer, this board has got your back (and front and sides) covered. It's the Swiss Army Knife of surfboards, ready for anything Mother Nature can throw your way. The board's high-quality construction and advanced materials make it as indestructible as a superhero's cape. And just like a superhero, you'll look stylish and fly while you're saving the day (or at least your surf session). So, grab the JS Monsta 2020 Round surfboard and get ready to have a blast on the water!

The JS MONSTA 2020 ROUND TAIL is a high performance shortboard, the most versatile from the JS Industries MONSTA range. Compared to the JS Monsta 2020 Squash tail, the tail is narrower, with less volume, which allows for better control in hollow and powerful waves. The combination of a moderate rocker and outline give this board the perfect balance between speed and manoeuvrability in all types of waves. Developed with Parko, Dusty Payne, Ace Buchan, Julian Wilson and Owen Wright, this board is perfect for advanced / expert surfers looking for a versatile shortboard.

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