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The JS Step Grip Pad is like a trusty sidekick for your surfboard! It'll stick to your board like glue and make sure you never slip up (unless, of course, you're trying to do a trick). This pad is specially crafted for your JS surfboard, so you can be sure that it'll fit like a glove - a super comfortable, ultra-grippy glove! And don't worry, it's not just for beginners, even experienced surfers will appreciate the extra traction when they're trying to stick that gnarly aerial. With its easy installation, you'll be back to shredding the waves in no time, leaving all those other surfers in your wake (or foam). So don't wait, upgrade your surf setup and make the JS Step Grip Pad your new surfing BFF today!

Their latest range of grips is environmentally friendly at all stages of production, while maintaining the classic JS attention to detail and performance.

They achieved this by using an eco-friendly EVA composite, made more biodegradable with EcoPure ingredients, plus recycled packaging. The grip itself was then designed with a minimalist aesthetic to save on weight and complement your new board’s tail perfectly, while structurally it features our unique Thermo Wedge texture for extra traction and comfort.

Step Features:

- Eco friendly EVA
- Thermo wedge texture
- Medium Kick
- Low arch bar
- 3 piece pad
- 100% recycled packaging.

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