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Over the past year, Occy has rekindled his passion for surfing, spending more time in the water and working tirelessly with JS to refine their designs. Together, they're revisiting timeless favourites to meld the finest aspects of the past decade with the brilliance of the present era.

The Raging Bull stands out as an exceptionally accommodating and adaptable travel board that’s become a staple for better days close to home or any adventure in search of quality waves. It embodies all the characteristics Occy desired to simplify high-performance surfing—user-friendly for the average surfer, yet capable of handling more demanding conditions and powerful riders. Diverging from other high-performance models, the Raging Bull offers a generous nose with forward-placed wide points and substantial volume, coupled with a flatter entry rocker to facilitate quick paddling and early wave entry, thus maintaining higher speeds.

Its narrowed tail ensures precision in turns and control in barrels when the waves turn critical, while an increased curve in the exit rocker enhances agility and the ability to snap out of the lip. A moderate single concave under the front foot transitions to a double before the fins, providing lift and seamless rail-to-rail transitions. And then there’s the feature Occy reveres—the "Raging Bull thickness"—a term coined for the strategically allotted volume that JS has masterfully distributed across the board, complementing the thicker stock dimensions for robust paddle power, effortless gliding over flat sections, and, in Occy's words, the ability to “stay on rail forever.”

Ideal for the surfer looking to excel in both everyday conditions and on surf trips, the Raging Bull should be the go-to board in your quiver. As evidenced by Occy’s fiery performance at Bells, it’s evident that this board can reignite one’s fervor for surfing. The Raging Bull makes top-tier surfing accessible, whether it's your local break or foreign shores.

For reference, team rider Mark Occhilupo, standing at 5’9” and weighing 210 lbs, opts for a 6’2” board with specific dimensions to suit his powerful style.

Jason Stevenson, with his frame of 5’11” and 194 lbs, prefers a 6’0” board tailored to his needs.

And Kai Hing, at a lighter weight of 150 lbs and height of 5’10”, goes for a 5'8" board, demonstrating the Raging Bull’s versatility across different builds and surfing styles.

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