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Introducing the Hurley Kids Advantage 4/3 Full Suit, a sustainable neoprene wetsuit designed to provide warmth and elasticity while prioritising eco-friendly processes. This full suit is crafted with advanced features to enhance your surfing experience, ensuring both performance and sustainability.

The Advantage 4/3mm wetsuit utilises eco-friendly processes, making it stretchier and more sustainable than traditional options. It incorporates carbon black recycled from used tires, dope-dyed fibres, and limestone-based neoprene. These innovative materials, combined with the Exo-flex material, provide exceptional flexibility, allowing you to move freely in the water.

Designed with comfort in mind, the seams of the Advantage 4/3 Full Suit are strategically positioned away from the underarms. This placement ensures that the seams won't hinder your movements, giving you complete freedom to paddle and perform your best.

To increase the suit's longevity and enhance its water resistance, the seams are sealed and coated at specific points. This feature prevents water from entering the suit, keeping you dry and comfortable during your surf sessions.

The interior of the wetsuit is insulated and quick-drying, thanks to the heat-retaining thread technology. This technology helps to retain heat, keeping you warm even in cooler waters. Additionally, it promotes faster drying, ensuring you're always ready for your next surf.

The Hurley Kids Advantage 4/3 Full Suit is closed from the front with a chest zip, which not only guarantees a better fit but also makes it easier to put on and take off the suit. This convenient feature adds to the overall comfort and functionality of the wetsuit.

The knee pads of the Advantage 4/3 Full Suit have a new, lighter design, which helps absorb less water. This feature ensures that the wetsuit remains lightweight and comfortable, allowing for optimal performance without unnecessary water retention.

Hurley's commitment to sustainability, performance, and comfort is evident in the Kids Advantage 4/3 Full Suit. It provides a combination of eco-friendly materials, advanced features, and a thoughtful design to offer young surfers a wetsuit that excels in both functionality and environmental consciousness. Choose the Hurley Kids Advantage 4/3 Full Suit and enjoy a sustainable and high-performance surfing experience.

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