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The Aloha Keel Fish Eco skin is a small but mighty surfboard that's perfect for smaller waves. It's short, wide and thick design, coupled with a flat rocker, makes for tons of fun plaining speed. And don't be fooled by its size - this board can hold its own in good quality waves and waves of size.

The classic twin keel fish design was originally created in the mid 70s as a knee board by Steve Lis. Pintail surfboards were his favourite, but his swim fins would hang over the side and create drag. So, he decided to split the tail, giving him the width needed to support his fins while still maintaining the performance characteristics of a pintail. This design proved to be a barrel machine, able to paddle in early, take fairly late drops, hold high and tight in the pocket and was snappy off the top. It wasn't long before he refined the design to suit stand up surfers, and the fish design took off.

What's even better about this board is that it's part of Aloha Surfboards' Eco skin line, which utilises less toxic materials in the production process. The combination of recyclable EPS, fast-growing Paulownia timber and Epoxy resin with lower VOC levels all contribute to this positive step forward in sustainable surfboard construction. So not only will you be having a blast out in the waves, but you'll be doing your part for the environment too!

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