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The Aloha Surfboards KEEL TWIN PU-PVCP is a modern take on the classic fish surfboard design, inspired by the innovations of Steve Lis in the 1970s. The KEEL TWIN is designed with a short, wide, and thick profile, making it an excellent choice for surfers looking to catch smaller waves and have a lot of fun in the water. Its flat rocker principle ensures ample planing speed, allowing for an enjoyable and smooth ride.

Despite being specifically designed for smaller waves, the Aloha KEEL TWIN PU-PVCP can also be a fantastic choice for surfers who want to tackle larger and better-quality waves. Its performance capabilities extend beyond its original purpose, making it a versatile option for a wide range of conditions.

The twin keel fish design was initially developed as a kneeboard by Steve Lis, who loved pintail surfboards but needed a solution for his swim fins creating drag. By splitting the tail, Lis was able to maintain the performance features of a pintail while accommodating his fins. This adaptation led to the creation of a surfboard that could easily paddle into waves, take late drops, hold tight in the pocket, and snap off the top.

As the design was further refined to suit stand-up surfers, the fish surfboard became increasingly popular. The Aloha Surfboards KEEL TWIN PU-PVCP is a shining example of how far the fish surfboard design has come since its inception, offering surfers a fun, agile, and versatile board that can handle a variety of conditions.

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