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Introducing the Matuse Dante 2mm S/S Full Suit—a remarkable achievement in sustainable wetsuit technology. Like Dante's journey, the path to creating the most eco-friendly wetsuit is challenging, but by committing to this path, we have arrived at our destination. The Dante with Geoflex embodies Matuse's commitment to excellence, always looking forward and developing materials and construction methods in the most sustainable ways possible.

Matuse's Geoflex Limestone Rubber sets a new standard in eco-friendly wetsuit materials. It is made with an Eco Carbon Black additive, which is recycled from post-consumer scrap tires. To further minimise environmental impact, we utilise water-based adhesives for fabric lamination instead of conventional solvent-based glues. This not only eliminates harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), but also maintains the bonding strength and durability that you expect from Matuse.

In their quest for sustainability, Matuse have revolutionised the dyeing process. Rather than relying on traditional methods, they employ dope-dyeing yarn to add colour before the yarn extrusion stage. This not only saves energy but also conserves water resources. Additionally, they strive to minimise waste by repurposing trimmed edges from cutting wetsuit patterns, ensuring that every bit of material is utilised to produce more Geoflex sheets for Matuse's products.

The Dante with Geoflex proudly holds a fair-trade certification, representing the next generation of responsible wetsuit construction. Rest assured, this wetsuit does not compromise on performance while being ethically produced.

Embark on your water adventures with the Matuse Dante 2mm short sleeve Full Suit—the epitome of sustainability and quality. Join us on the journey to a more sustainable future with Matuse.

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