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Mick Fanning's MF Little Marley is a dynamic and playful surfboard, designed for maximum fun in small waves. Its short rail line is perfectly tailored to fit into the tiniest of pockets. The compact and curvy outline of the Little Marley is a key feature, helping surfers excel in weak beach breaks by reducing drag and boosting speed, making it a true pocket rocket.

The board's design incorporates a single to double concave bottom, which ensures full control even at high speeds. The subtle diamond tail of the Little Marley adds to its versatility, offering multiple pivot points for executing sharp turns in critical sections of small and dumpy shore breaks.

Available in a variety of sizes to suit different preferences and styles, the Little Marley comes in dimensions ranging from 5’2” to 5’10”, with volumes between 29L and 43L. Each size is crafted to maintain the board's characteristic responsiveness and agility.

The board features a low rocker, enhancing its suitability for small waves and providing an easy glide. It is compatible with both FCSII and Futures fin systems, and comes supplied with a Thruster FSCII Softflex or Futures F8 Safety fins, depending on the system. The combination of a wide diamond outline and a single to double concave bottom contour, along with its construction of an epoxy core reinforced with carbon, makes the MF Little Marley a standout choice for surfers looking for fun, speed, and agility in smaller surf conditions.

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