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Wild Things presents its range of MIDLENGTH BOARDSOCKS, crafted with a blend of white nylon and high bulk acrylic yarn, ensuring both strength and durability. These materials are chosen for their ability to resist water absorption and withstand the harmful effects of UV rays, making them ideal for long hours on roof racks.

Each board sock is equipped with a durable vinyl nose cap, and the closure system features a marine-grade nylon drawcord with a plastic adjustable toggle for secure fitting. They are available in various lengths, accommodating everything from shortboards to longboards.

The primary function of these board socks is to shield your surfboard from discoloration when mounted on the roof and to prevent minor damages during transport in a vehicle. They are also designed to keep the surf wax on your board, not on your car seats.

Proudly 100% handmade in Byron Bay, Australia, Wild Things MIDLENGTH BOARDSOCKS are not just practical but also a testament to quality craftsmanship.

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