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The Mid Strength emerged from the shaping bay of James Cheal (Chilli) during a summer softened by a persistent knee injury that kept him from his peak performance on his usual shortboards. "I needed a board that was a breeze to paddle, that caught waves easily, and didn't demand much from my surfing," James reflects. Thus, the Mid Strength was born — a surfboard that encapsulates performance in a mid-length, ideal for those who've mastered the basics of surfing and are ready to navigate the waves with more finesse.

OUTLINE: The design starts with a generous nose, making paddling into waves almost effortless. It then tapers into a more pronounced curve between the feet, leading to the tail where the board's true character comes to life. The soft, rounded tail ensures your turns are smooth and forgiving, an inviting feature for the longer board format.

ROCKER: To make turning and maintaining a rail on a larger board feel like second nature, Chilli crafted a delicate balance with a low entry rocker and a medium exit. The result is a board that's not only a powerhouse when paddling but also quick to respond and lively in turns.

CONTOURS: The board features a subtle single concave up front for speed, which transitions into a pronounced single to double concave near the fins. This tail design injects the board with a playful, responsive feel underfoot, reminiscent of a mid-strength beer — all the buzz with half the effort!

PERFORMANCE: If age, fitness levels, or limited surfing sessions are your concern, let the Mid Strength take the lead. It's engineered for effortless wave catching and an easy ride. Once you're up, it promises smooth trimming, pivoting, and turning with a touch of release when you crave it. The unique outline and rocker synergy ensure it doesn't feel cumbersome like other mid-length boards, but rather lively, as if surfing a much shorter craft. Give it a go, and you might just find yourself a devotee.

Fin Suggestions: For the thruster setup, try the FCS II Accelerator, or for those preferring a quad, pair the FCS II Accelerator Sides with Performer Quad Rears. These versatile fin templates add just the right amount of surface area to support larger surfers on this substantial board.

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