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A mix of Modern and traditional.

The Modern 2. Our modern twin fin design, a cross breed between the famous MR twin of the 80's and the high performance thrusters of today. Birthed from filipe wanting something a little different to what he rides on tour, to surf during down time between events. Designed for pure fun, the Modern2 maintains speed extremely well with a great balance of drive and release. This board will change your approach in small waves, the perfect addition to the summer quiver. 

SharpEye Modern 2 Surfboard is the ultimate ride for surfers who are ready to catch some gnarly waves and show off their sick moves! This surfboard is the perfect combination of style and substance, with its modern shape and top-notch construction materials. It's like a superhero in surfboard form, ready to save you from a dull day at the beach and transform you into a wave-riding legend. So, if you're ready to ride the waves like a boss and make all the other surfers green with envy, the SharpEye Modern 2 Surfboard is the only choice for you!

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