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Experience Optimal Transport for Wider Fish Boards with the Double Compact Fish Cover

Introducing the Double Compact Fish Cover, purposefully designed to transport wider fish-like boards. This travel surfboard cover showcases exceptional technical design, featuring shock-absorbing foam, four layers of top-notch protection, moulded rubber side walls, and an additional 20mm padding in the nose and tail.

Key Features:

  • Accommodates 1-2 shortboard or fish boards
  • Includes Board Divider for enhanced organisation and protection

Transport your prized shortboard or fish boards with ease, knowing that the Double Compact Fish Cover provides exceptional safety. Its slim and refined fit ensures a snug hold, reducing weight when checking in at airlines.

Let's explore the outstanding features in detail:

  • Shock-absorbing Foam: Provides unparalleled cushioning to absorb impact and protect your boards during transport.

  • Four Layers of Protection: Experience unmatched safeguarding with four layers of defence:

    1. Moulded Rubber Side Walls: Double-thickness design offers ultimate rail protection for your wider fish boards.
    2. Extra 20mm Padding: Additional padding in the nose and tail provides enhanced security and peace of mind.
    3. Armour Weave: Tear-proof, water-repellent, tough, and lightweight material ensures durability.
    4. Tarpee Lining: Inner lining offers an extra layer of protection, safeguarding your boards from scratches and bumps.

Effortlessly transport up to two shortboard or fish boards, knowing they are shielded from potential damage. The Double Compact Fish Cover ensures your boards remain in pristine condition throughout the journey.

Enjoy the convenience of a slim and refined fit, reducing weight when checking in at airlines and ensuring a comfortable transport experience.

Embrace the Double Compact Fish Cover's purposeful design and exceptional features to transport your wider fish-like boards with confidence and ease.

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